One of the principal people at a wedding is the maid of honor. If you are the sister, the best
friend, or the closest cousin of the bride, you will be bestowed with the honor. And yes, the
role has several responsibilities that put a lot of pressure. One of them is delivering a

Here are some ideas to rock your maid of honor speech:

Begin with a good introduction
Introduce yourself for the benefit of guests who do not know you and your connection with
the bride. Share a brief tale of how you become close to her.  Choose the most wonderful
memories you had together.

Tell an exciting story about the bride
Tell everyone stories which revolve around the couple’s love story like the first time you
met the groom, how she called you when he proposed, how she asked you to be the maid of
honor in the wedding, etcetera.

Share cute anecdotes about the newly-weds
Recall romantic moments of the couple that you personally witnessed. Tell the guests why
you believe they are perfect for each other.

Narrate your first impression of the groom
It doesn’t really need to be the initial impression when you met him. Recollect about his
wonderful qualities that make you believe he would be a great husband and dad in the

Prepare a slideshow
Make your speech more interesting by presenting selected photos of the couple which
shows how they are like when they are together. Surprise the couple by asking their
families to share adorable photos.

Express your well-wishes
Convey how much you wish them to be happy and how they deserve all the happiness in
the world. Deliver your chosen message with enthusiasm and sincerity.

Don’t forget to extend your thanks
Express your gratitude to the parents, families, and guests who celebrate with the couple.
Make it short because the couple will be thanking them later.

End your speech with a classic quote
To wrap up your speech, go for a timeless love quote, a famous line from bride’s favorite
movie,  or a line of the groom’s favorite song.

Prepare a 5-minute speech that will incorporate all you want to say.   Practice and deliver
the best maid of honor speech you could ever make for your best friend. It will make the
wedding unforgettable for everyone.

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