Each church holds its best features that any couple would be interested in choosing it as the
venue for the big day. However, do you always dream of tying the knot in a more unique
and extraordinary place? Make your dream wedding come true at these magnificent

Stella Maris Church in Misibis Bay is strategically located on top of the hill, overlooking
the Mayon Volcano. It also features an amphitheater perfect for a sunset beach ceremony.

Whether you like to start the ceremony in the morning or at night, you can always have the
stunning ambiance at Stella Maris Church in Misibis Bay. Meanwhile, Chapel on a Hill is
just a few hours away from Manila, since it’s located in Tagaytay.

The Chapel on a Hill has the same architecture in Makati but since this church is situated on
top of a hill, it allows you and every guest to enjoy the 360 view of West Philippine Sea as
well as the entire city. There are only four time slots at the Chapel on a Hill from Mondays
to Saturdays while on Sundays, only three slots are allowed.

If you prefer to have a simple yet intimate wedding, Boso Boso Church in Antipolo City is
highly recommended. Built in 1700 but it was restored by devotees in 2005, the Boso Boso
Church may not be appealing or it may not give you the elegant look on your wedding, the
most important is the ceremony and being united as one with the person you love.

Based in the Philippine Statistics Authority, there are more than 74, 211 churches in the
Philippines you can choose for your wedding. No matter what church you choose for the big
day, do not forget to invite the people behind your success and the people who loved you
even at your worst. These people deserve to be part of the best highlight in your life.

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