There are behaviors that you need to observe when attending a wedding. First and
foremost, remember that you are there to celebrate with two people in love.  There will be
different people so you must keep a classy behavior up to the end. It’s fine to have fun and
meet new acquaintances but make sure that your reputation as a wedding guest remains

Here are some of the common mistakes that you need to avoid making:

Forgetting to RSVP
Answer the invitation the soonest time possible to let the couple knows that you will be
attending. Your reply is essential for their seating charts. If you don’t answer it, you will
find yourself without a reserved seat and possibly a not-so-warm welcome.

Bringing a plus-one
Do not ever bring someone if the couple does not say that you can. It would be disrespectful
if you show up with an uninvited plus-one.

Showing up late
Avoid becoming the center of attention when you arrive late during the ceremony. If you
do, you will see the eyes of others hitting you hard because you are ruining the solemn part
of the wedding.

Forgetting to put your phone in silent mode
Make sure that your ringtone will not interrupt the couple’s solemn exchange of vows. It is
necessary to turn it off or put on silent or airplane mode. It would be awkward if it rings
and people simultaneously look at you with mixed emotions.

Wearing white
Do not steal the moment from the bride by wearing a white dress in her wedding day. Let
her shine and becomes the fairest of them all.

Coming without a gift
Your gift does not need to be expensive, but it means a lot for the couple. It demonstrates
your goodwill and appreciation for the invite.

Being competitive during the bouquet toss
The bouquet toss should be fun and exciting. Avoid pushing and elbowing people to get the

Remember these basic reminders in mind, and you will be having a lot of invites from old
and new friends because you are a perfect wedding guest.

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