As a bride, you want everything on your wedding day to be perfect, from the bouquet,
catering, guests and most of all the bridal gown. Marrying the person you love is one of the
best highlights of your life.
To save you more time preparing everything at your wedding, here are the most requested
fashion designers in the Philippines.

1. Michael Cinco

The Dubai- based Filipino is known for creating fabulous and state-of-the-art gowns. Some
of the international stars who wear his designs are Beyonce Knowles, Jeniffer Lopez, and
Paris Hilton. Michael is undeniably one of the most requested designers when it comes to
the bridal gown, as his works are exquisite, detailed, fresh and with Swarovski crystals.

2. Cary Santiago

If you are fond of wearing off-shoulder type of clothes, and you’d want to apply it to your
wedding gown, it’s best to choose Cary Santiago. You will find his masterpiece the perfect
one as he creates every design with idealistic, fascinating and romantic silhouettes. In
addition to that, Cary Santiago is one of the most requested designers for wedding gown
with laser-cut techniques.

BONUS: If you can still remember the fashionable gowns that the first family wore during
President Rodrigo Duterte’s SONA in 2018, Cary Santiago was the one who designed the
gowns of the first family.

3. Rajo Laurel

The in-demand wedding gown designer believes that everyone deserves to be beautiful and
it does not have to be expensive. Some of the top celebrities who chose Rajo Laurel to work
on their bridal gowns are Kristine Hermosa- Sotto, Divine Lee, and Rica Peralejo Bonifacio.

You may reserve a consultation day with any of these most requested designers for
wedding gowns, or if it seems to be out of budget, you can try to find a reliable and start-up
designer near your area.

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