Party planning alone can be overwhelming and exhausting, learn from these celebrities
moms that even they earn a lot every year, they chose to be practical when it comes to
spending money.

“Pick a theme that goes along with your message.”
– Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio, mom of one

Rica believes when choosing a theme for the party, you can correlate the personality or
situation of the celebrant. Just like what she did for her sister’s baby shower, Rica has
implemented a bird-theme party, since giving birth is like bird laying eggs. In addition to
that, her sister and the husband are both love birds.
“It’s the little details that make a party seem professionally put together.”

– Amanda Griffin-Jacob, mom of three

Meanwhile, for practical tips on party planning, Amanda instead of having exuberant big
celebration, she focused on the little details. Little details such as the combination of colors
when it comes to decorations, and dedicated items for loot bags, examples are as follows:
 For the little girls attendees, the loot bags have magic wands
 For the little boys attendees, they have stuffed toy swords inside the loot bags
All loot bags come with anti-mosquito repellant.
“Don’t insist on a theme, venue, design, or giveaway if these aren’t within your

-Jackie Go, mom of two

A lifestyle Filipina blogger, Jackie Go consider the fact that having a party in the Philippines
requires you to invite the whole circle of relatives is like mandatory. That’s why Jackie
provides practical tips for every mom out there who feel pressured when it comes to party
According to Jackie, you should base everything on your budget. Knowing how much you
can spend will determine what type of design, numbers of giveaway and choosing a venue
you can do.
The 60% of your budget should go for the food, 20% for entertainment purposes, 10% for
the décor and for the remaining 10% of your budget can spend to giveaway and prizes.

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