As the best friend of the bride or the maid of honor, you are most likely the one responsible
for organizing a bridal shower for the bride. Do not worry, you can create a wonderful
pre-wedding event without spending a lot of money.

Here are some smart ways you can easily do on a budget:

#1- Find a perfect free venue
Renting out a fancy venue can cost a small fortune. Why not host the party in your own
home or ask friends if you can use their extra space or garden. Don’t forget to give a thank-
your gift for the person who lends his place.

#2- Do-It-Yourself Decor
Look for online suppliers who sell unique yet cheap supplies.  For a themed bridal shower,
search for items that you already have like ornamental plants, flowers, candles, and unique
lights. Ask your fellow bridesmaids to help you organize and bring decor items. Balloons
are great enhancers of the event especially arch balloon.

#3- Personalize Your Invites
Send out e-invitations or buy party blank invitations and make your own invites.

#4- Prepare Your Own Food
Skip the costly caterer service. Create your own menu and ask other bridesmaids to bake or
cook something for the party. You don’t need to prepare elaborate dishes. Make simple and
yummy finger foods.

#5- Create Unique Favors
Be creative and make customized favors. You can opt for inexpensive crafts, body scrubs,
makeup kit, etcetera. Baked goodies are excellent treats, too.

#6- Opt for cupcakes or sweet desserts
Leave the big cake in the main event, opt for cupcakes or favorite desserts of the bride.
Arrange the cupcakes like a wedding dress or a tiara. Create a dessert buffet table.

#7- Select exciting, funny games
Get ideas from the internet or modify the traditional games to entertain the guests. Play a
groom or bride trivia game, wedding dress competition using toilet paper, or pass the
bride’s bouquet.

Organizing a bridal shower is fun. Keep it simple, elegant, fun and unique.

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